Why us

Are you in control of your money and where it goes?

Clients work with us because they want to understand fully which options are available to them, and how they can see maximum benefits in all areas of their finances.

With your goals and objectives as our basis, we develop plans and implement solutions to bring your financial affairs in order, allowing you to control all aspects of your wealth.

Our team brings decades of experience in effective estate and financial planning, successful investment strategies and optimal tax efficiencies.


If it needs to work long term, you need to understand it.

We work with you through a one-on-one approach. Our focus is to understand clearly what’s important to you, and then help you reach the same level of clarity around your finances – today and going forward.

We provide counselling and planning in the following areas:

Goal Oriented Financial Planning

Estate and Legacy Planning

Defining a Protection Strategy (Insurance)

Co-ordinating investment, legal and tax specialists

Succession planning for small business and farm owners

Ownership transition and wealth planning for retiring or near retirement entrepreneurs


Mike is easy to talk to, easy to relate to, and he takes a very honest and sincere approach. I’m comfortable with the recommendations he provides because his advice is always in the interest of my family’s well-being.

Gerard RegierEdge Automation

We’ve enjoyed working with Mike from day one. He’s very knowledgeable, but he also has a way of simplifying everything so that we’re clear about what’s going to work best for us as we prepare for the next generation to take over.

Pat & Joan GauthierStoney Creek Hydraulics

We’ve known Mike for many years now, but when we first met he was able to show us what was actually possible in terms of our investments and our future. Since then we’ve been able to save more and grow our money faster, and stay on track to retire how we want.

Ross & Agnes Palmer

Our Approach

Expert Planning in 5 Steps

Through a simplified, comfortable process, we help you incorporate your existing tax strategy into all-around financial plans and solutions that help you reach your objectives.

Our Approach

Expert Planning in 5 Steps

Through a simplified, comfortable process, we help you incorporate your existing tax strategy into all-around financial plans and solutions that help you reach your objectives.

Pen & Paper

Understanding starts with grounded conversation. We discuss your goals, ambitions, concerns, fears and hurdles, and we tie in your current financial profile.

Mutual Understanding

Together we look over the options available to you. By clarifying what each of them means in the context of your life, we rate the practicality of the options and identify the most suitable.

Planning with Expert Advice

As your plan comes together, we present our strategies within a written document. We may reach out to other specialists in our group, depending on the needs and opportunities within the plan.

Action and Results

Focusing on achieving the results you want and expect, we ensure all action steps are executed according to our roadmap.

Check-up and Revise

We are pleased to speak with you as often as you wish and, at least once per year, we meet to review and ensure your plan is still well-suited to your current goals and objectives. When necessary, we note any changes and revise your plan.

About Mike


Financial Advisor

Michel (Mike) Myre started in the industry in 1985, and for over 30 years has been helping clients plan, manage and better understand their finances.

After becoming a licensed insurance advisor, Mike continued to pursue and deepen his foundational knowledge by earning an important business degree and several industry designations:

  •  MBA – Master of Business Administration – Ivey Business School
  •  CLU Chartered Life Underwriter
  •  CFP Certified Financial Planner
  •  CEA Certified Executor Advisor
  •  EPC Elder Planning Councilor

Mike continues to pursue educational opportunities, broaden his knowledge and stay up-to-date for the benefit of his clients. As an affiliate of RS2000 Tax Consultants, he is uniquely situated to help clients bring their tax, insurance, investing and financial structures in order. At the centre of this service is his personal relationship with the client, an exchange that is made more simple, personal and comforting as a direct result of the 30 years Mike has spent helping people understand their options.